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Advanced Studio in Art

Sylvia Vigliani

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This course is designed to develop a portfolio for applying to art schools and colleges. The emphasis is on original artwork. Students will build on skills covered in Drawing & Painting, and are encouraged to develop their own artistic style. Through a variety of projects relating to 20th Century and current trends in Art, the student will reflect upon the work of artists which has some bearing on his/her own. This course provides the interested student a variety of opportunities to explore a wide range of media at an advanced level. In addition to the regular classroom instruction, Advanced Art students participate in the Lincoln Center Institute program, and benefit from visiting artists in the classroom. Students are required to keep a sketchbook/journal, and must present an exit portfolio for course credit. They are also expected to visit museums/galleries and write follow-up critiques on selected art works.

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Creative Thinking

The following attitudes and activities seem to be necessary for creative thinking, and have been observed in all truly creative people regardless of profession.

  • Training and practice of right brain functions
  • Suspension of judgment; making disconnected jumps in thinking
  • Openness to new stimuli, new ideas, new attitudes, new approaches
  • Willingness to take risks; making "leaps of faith", lessening inhibitions
  • Freedom in subjective thinking; expression of emotions and personal realities
  • Intuitiveness, "playing hunches" to generate spontaneous ideas
  • Freedom to make outlandish responses; rejecting fear of being "wrong" or unconventional
  • Rejecting destructive criticism, prejudices, indiscriminate praise
  • A childlike attitude of creative play; tinkering with ideas, materials, structures, a "fun" attitude toward experimentation
  • Freedom to fantasize, unconventional imagining
  • Divergent thinking: simultaneous processing of ideas, fluency of ideas
  • Acceptance of non-ordinary realities, contradictions; ability to tolerate and manipulate puzzles, ambiguities

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