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Welcome to English 10!

In this course, we explore the question of how the individual is affected by society. We do this by reading novels, plays and poetry that examine this question from several angles.

Here is the formal "Essential Question" for English 10:
How is the individual affected by society, and how may the individual affect society? How can the individual negotiate society to make ethical decisions?

As we read Ordinary People, All My Sons, Lord of the Flies, Inherit the Wind, The Kite Runner, Frankenstein and The Taming of the Shrew, we will keep this question in mind, examining how the question becomes more specific in a variety of settings and situations as characters come into conflict with themselves, family, friends, colleagues and the values of society at large.


Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Here you will find all handouts on writing instruction (how to write an essay, embed quotations, use transitions, etc.).

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Chess pieces
Short Stories

Here you will find all of the handouts we have used to consider the short stories. You might also want to search in the "Writing Skills" folder if you can not find something.

What literary element does this image of the chess pieces suggest? What image would you suggest to represent the short stories?

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