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English 10 Honors

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Welcome to this year's English 10H class.  We will be examining the role of individuals in the societies in which they live and how they navigate the challenges of that life to find self-actualization.


Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

As we discuss this novel, we must address the idea that women are subjugated by the familial and cultural influences present at that time.  Throughout this unit you will be asked to consult outside sources to ascertain the types of influence and the extent of that influence. 

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Homework Assignment for Tuesday, September 15

Perhaps this should be for a whole unit...all assignments here

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All My Sons...  A play that examines the idea of social Responsibility...

While this play takes place during the course of one day, it has implications that reach beyond this one small family and one small town.  As you read, note Miller's use of imagery, foreshadowing and conflict.  Pay close attention to the diction and syntax of each of the characters.  By having characters speak in a particular way, Miller is able to convey deeper meaning without saying anything additional.  ENJOY!!

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Kite Runner Research

Click one of the links below to connect to critical resources on the novel.  Be sure to include a reference to one of these texts, correctly embed your quote and then make a works cited page...

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Cell Phones and iPod Touches in the Classroom Are you a fan? How do you see your own usage of these technologies in your classroom? Post a comment and then try to comment to another person's post...
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In this unit, we will continue our study of the impact that society has on the individual and the impacts that individuals make on each other...

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Who decides what information should be taught in public schools?  What is the basis on which content is chosen or not chosen?  Follow Bert Cates on his challenging odyssey through the Tennessee legal system as he tries to teach evolution to his high school students.

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iPod Mania!!!

Are you ready to see how an iPod touch can transform a classroom experience?  Take some time to read some information and they post your response to our Moodle page.  Once you've posted, go back and respond to someone else's commentary.  Once you start, you won't want to learn any other way!

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As we move into a new semester, we will move backward in time to investigeate some engagning works of literature from "across the pond".  Our first work is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  While popular culture paints Frankenstein as an malevolent monster, Shelley's portrayal is actually quite different.  Enjoy this foray into the 19th century and the Gothic world.

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Research Paper for English 10H During the third quarter we will be conducting academic research on literary movements and how novels come to be characterized as a "type" of novel. To do this you will need to become familiar with a particular literary era and then choose and read a novel that corresponds with that literary genre. This paper will be graded in stages so that you will be sure to keep up with all assignments. This site will provide particular research documents for your reference. The modern era is not listed on this reference but you can choose a work from this time period. Your novels must be from authors outside of the United States and must be a minimum of 250 pages. You will be asked to take double entry notes and conduct research on both the novel and the literary time period. Evidence of that research will be collected and graded.

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Jekyll and Hyde

In this novel we will explore man's potential to be his own worst enemy.  During the course of this novel we will examine what character flaws emerge as a person spends more time focusing on the individual rather than society as a whole.

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During the course of the year you will be learning a variety of terms, words and concepts.  Refer to this section for definitions and examples that may help you further understand the concepts we are exploring...

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Short Stories and Poetry

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The Lemon Tree
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