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Welcome to our

English 9

course site!!!

This course is a study of literature and its elements.  In addition to the elements, the course allows students to connect their own lives and experiences with those of the character(s) that they read.


Every week you will be required to respond to discussion forums, complete journal entries, and upload completed writing assignments.  Every task will have a time period in which you must complete the task before it becomes late.  You can check back for grades and comments on assignments once I have graded them.  All of the assignments will be posted for each week.  Simply go to the week, see your assignments, and get to work. 

Types of assignments and requirements

  • Discussion Forum: In a discussion forum you will be asked to respond to a posted question.  You must write at least one well-constructed paragraph for each question.  In addition, you need to reply to two of your class members' posts with at least a one paragraph response for each member you choose.  When you respond to other student's postings, you must make comments on the content of their response (I agree or disagree and why).  You will not receive full credit for saying something like "Your response was really great, good job!"  You can compliment your classmates, but that addition to your reply will not be graded. Usually you will be given a day or two to complete these forums.

  • Journal Entries: In a journal entry, you will be asked to respond to a posted question with a personal response.  These entries will most likely ask you to relate the content of the course to your personal life.  The great thing about this is it is confidential.  The teacher is the only one that can read the response.  For each journal you are required to write at least three well-constructed paragraphs that completely answer the question.  Usually you will be given a day or two to complete these assignments.

  • Uploading Completed Assignments: What is a completed assignment? A completed assignment is an essay or longer project that you are asked complete over a longer period of time.  You simply complete the assignment in a word document and then upload it to this site.  Usually you will be given a week or weekend to complete these assignments.
  • Glossaries: Each content section features a glossary of vocabulary words.  It is your mission to add your own entries to the glossary.  Add words to the glossary that you have never seen before, one that you do not know the meaning of, and or a word you really like.  Please avoid inappropriate words that will only foster reprocussions for ill-mannered actions.
  • Podcasts: In several of the content blocks you will find podcasts.  Listen to them and complete the worksheet that correlates with the Podcast in order to recieve full credit for the assignment. 

Disclaimer: Assignments and requirements are subject to change.  If a change occurs that change will be addressed within the particular assignment.

Writing Tips and Tricks Resource Block

Midterm Review

Critical Lens Structure

Midterm Review Sheet

Poetry Terms Presentation

Click on the Green words for presentations from class. This way you can always refer back to class notes at home!

The paragraph - A how to presentation on how to write a paragraph.

Integrating quotations into your writing- This is how to insert quotations into sentences fluidly.

The Structure of an Essay- This is how you outline an essay.

The Structure of an Essay Presentation- A power point presentation on how to write an essay.
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Animal Farm

By George Orwell

Animal Farm Revolt Picture

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely..." ~Lord Byron

Character Historical Figure Project

Research Databases
Use the databases to find research on your historical figure.

Click on the database below and you will have to enter a username and password:

Username = ehsmslib
Password= library

Historical NY Times
Student Resource Center Gold
Opposing Viewpoints

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