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Advanced Science Research
Mr. Gorycki - Science Research Coordinator
Mr Gruber - Competition Coordinator

Course Description:

Advanced Science Research (ASR) offers students the chance to complete original research projects on a topic of their choice in the areas of physical science (chemistry, physics or earth science), life science, math, or social science (psychology, anthropology). Once a topic is chosen, students are responsible for bibliographic research using
various database services such as Dialog or individual databases at local, town, or college libraries. Students will work with scientists at the
university level to perform research and enroll their finished projects in various local and national science competitions, including the Intel Science Talent Search. Tenth grade students are required
to commit to 3 years of enrollment in order to complete the research required.

For grades: 10-12

Prerequisite: Written essay due in the spring.
Applicants will be chosen based on academic
achievement, the written essay, and the
student’s desire to perform original research.

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