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Global History & Geography 10

Period 2

Mrs. Crowley

Welcome to Global 10! This year we will complete the second half of your two-year survey course in Global History and Geography. We will explore the history, geography, religions, society, economies and political systems in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • The Middle East
  • Asia: India, China, Japan, Korea and the countries of Southeast Asia
  • Central and South America

In addition to examining the chronological development of each of these areas, we will examine what they have in common and the impact they have had on one another and on history in general. You will have the opportunity to participate in debates, role-playing exercises, and research projects to better enable you to understand major historical themes and come to your own conclusions about the lessons of the past. You will also continue to develop the skills essential to academic success: gathering and organizing historical evidence, analyzing primary and secondary sources, responding to essay questions and presenting a persuasive verbal argument. 

Get ready for a fun and challenging year!

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Mrs. Crowley:

793-6130 ext. 4321



Middle East

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