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Law & Its Consequences


This course provides students with an overview of criminal and civil law in the United States and the consequences faced by those who choose to disobey. The focus is on various legal perspectives from civil cases to tort law and family law, culminating in criminal law procedures. Students learn about the court and jury system as well as the prison system within the United States. Basic social studies skills of writing and research as well as public speaking will be emphasized. This course satisfies the Government course required by New York State for high school graduation. This course is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal thoughtfully with the facts, laws, and issues of the American legal system. The course prepares students to critically study and understand laws, legal cases, and the legal system (i.e., legislatures, courts).

Mr. Matthew D'Amico

914.793.6130 ext. 4488

[email protected] (preferred)
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