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Mr. Alfio Carrabotta – ext. 4419 (Department Chair)

Ms. Stacy Monteiro – ext.4707

Mr. Jesse Waters – ext. 4706

Mr. Frank Fiore – ext. 4611

Ms. Kristy Mackiewicz – ext. 4408

Mr. Jason Karol – ext. 4454

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Course overview

Physical education is an integral part of the educational process. Within our classes we are challenged to develop the potential abilities of each child. Through selected physical activities and sports, we aim to provide experiences for the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of our students.

We strive to enhance each student's confidence and self-esteem by creating a learning environment that encourages and provides a variety of life-long, enjoyable and successful experiences.


1. To develop a positive attitude towards fitness, sports, and recreation.

2. To increase levels of fitness, strength, endurance, and coordination.

3. To know and understand the skills and regulations necessary to play a variety of sports

4. To develop good sportsmanship and teamwork skills.

5. To learn respect for oneself, peers, teachers, and the property of others.

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Course Content:

Making Healthy Choices

Mental Health

Social Health

Human Development

Nutrition and Fitness

Substance Abuse

Preventing Disease

Environmental and Community Health

Required Course Materials:

1) Required text: Health: Skills for Wellness (to be kept at home for HW assignments)

2) Marble-style Notebook

3) Folder

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fit for life

Healthy Lifestyles and Health Literacy in the 21st Century

Physical Education and Health Department

Currently, and in this school year we will incorporate research based projects as they promote healthy lifestyles and decision making. Within these projects, students will have to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services. For example, during the personal fitness unit offered throughout the year, students must reflect upon their own fitness level, activities, and personal health goals. These projects incorporate technologies such as pedometers and web resources. The health curriculum also offers opportunities for student’s self-reflection on their nutritional habits, caloric expenditure, and healthy decision-making.
As we
progress through this school year our department is developing strategies and technologies to further encourage healthy lifestyles and decision making. First, we have moved to a fully elective-based physical education program. Each major unit offers students the opportunity to choose a sport activity or a personal/individual fitness based activity. It is our intention that these choices enable students to explore the possibilities for an active lifestyle. In terms of technology, we are in the process of developing a department Moodle site. In Health, teachers already have Moodle sites up and running. The health lessons consistently utilize the SMARTboard and notebook software. In the near future, our department hopes to continue on these innovative paths.
One main goal is to further develop our fitness unit projects. Our hope would be that the fitness/walking unit would involve the entire student body in a program such as “Walk Across America”. Wherein the daily totals would be tallied in order to achieve a common goal. In addition to the program goal, there can be incentives for individual achievement. These programs offer the opportunity to raise money and community building, while reinforcing the ideals of a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish these goals, we will attempt to expose the students to the benefits of healthy lifestyles through the use of technology. Some avenues to explore would be videoconferencing, guest speakers, and field trips.

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